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  • Refund Policy – Platinum Membership & Festival Admission

  • You may return your unused and unactivated Platinum Membership within 7 days of purchase for a full refund.
    If you purchased through a daily deal site (ie. Groupon, Living Social, or Travel Zoo) and have not activated your membership on you can apply the value of your Daily Deal purchase towards a full priced membership or any other SnowBomb product next season.

    Activated Platinum Memberships are valid for the 2013/14 winter season only, and expire May 23rd, 2014.

    Festival Refund

    No refunds will be given for festival purchases unless requested within 24 hours of that festival

  • I purchased tickets to the Snowbomb Ski & Board Festival, but did not attend. Can I still have my Free Lift Tickets?

  • Answer: Unfortunately not. The lift tickets are given away by the resorts to those who attended the festival, as a ‘Thank You’ for taking part in the Ski & Board industry.

  • I attended the Ski & Board Festival and forgot, or did not know, to activate my Powder/VIP Pass before 11/29/13, can I still redeem?

  • Answer: We apologize, but we have contractual obligations to that date. We are not able to activate any Festival Value Packs past the expiration date.

  • I attended the Snowbomb Ski & Board Festival and activated the code on my “Powder/VIP Pass” by the redemption date of 11/29/13, how do I access my free lift tickets?

  • Answer: When you activated your code, you created a username and password at the same time. You can login with this username and password, then proceed to “My Account“. You will be able to print your lift tickets from the “Powder/VIP Passes” tab inside your account.

  • Do I receive a card with my Snowbomb Pass this season?

  • Answer: The Snowbomb Platinum Pass and booklet will be available through a users account dashboard. Once you’ve purchased a membership, you will login using your username and password. All deals and vouchers will be available through the “My Account” tab. There is no need for a physical Tahoe Card or booklet this season.

  • I purchased a Snowbomb Platinum Pass through a Daily Deal site or at a Ski & Board Festival, how do I redeem?

  • Answer: With your purchase, you received a voucher code that will begin with ‘SB’. You can proceed to the following link, enter your code, your information, and activate your account.

  • How do I use my Snowbomb Pass?

  • Answer: Click on “Login” on right side of navigation bar.

    Login using your username and password you created during activation.

    Proceed to “My Account” where you can print all offer vouchers to redeem at resorts and shops.

    Any additional gift memberships you have purchased will be in the “Membership(s)” tab. If you have not activated your Platinum Membership, you can do so from here as well. Your Platinum order details will be in the “Recent Orders” tab. To see all the deals available and restrictions, you can click on the “Platinum Memberships” tab on the top navigation menu.

  • I’ve forgotten my username and password, how do I obtain these?

  • Answer: You will be able to have your password reset to your email address from the login screen. Your email address can also be used as your username.

    If you’ve attempted to have your password reset, and aren’t receiving an email response, the email may have ended up in your SPAM mail folder. The password reset email will come from ‘WordPress’.

  • I’ve been a Snowbomb Member in the past, but the site wont let me login.

  • Answer: All user accounts prior to the 2012/13 season are no longer active.  You will need to set up a new account when purchasing or activating a membership.

    If you created an account for the 2012/13 season you can still login and purchase this years membership with your account.

  • I’ve emailed several times through Contact Us and Help Desk, and have received no response.

  • Answer: We make every attempt to respond to every question within 24 hours. The response may end up in your junk mail or spam mail folder. Please add to your address book, to ensure you receive all responses. The more details provided in your request, the better we will be able to respond.

  • I purchased more than one SnowBomb Pass, how do I send one as a gift?

  • After you’ve made your purchase, you will be able to log in using the username and password you created.
    Once you’ve logged in, proceed to “My Account”.
    In the “My Passes” tab you will have the option to send all available memberships as gifts through email.
    If using the same computer, make sure you log out before attempting to activate the other membership.

  • I sent a Platinum Pass to someone as a gift through “My Account”, and they never received an email.

  • Answer: They can use the following link, along with the code starting with ‘SB’ that was sent from your account.

    If using the same computer, make sure you log out of your account before registering the gift membership through this link.

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